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Buspar is used in the treatment of mental disorders related to anxiety. This drug does not cure mental disorder and mood swings due to anxiety but provides temporary relief. It also treats fear, dizziness and irritation caused by anxiety and hypertension. It is an FDA approved drug therefore patients can easily avail them both from the online stores and offline pharmaceutical shops. Interested people can acquire additional information regarding this medicine from the online discussion forums and the FAQ page.

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How does Buspar work?

Buspar’s falls under the category of anxiolytics class of drug. Not much information has been recorded about its mechanism. It works by stimulating the certain neurotransmitters in the nerves of the brain. It is believed that this drug propagates the concentration of dopamine and noradrenaline and suppresses the effects of acetylcholine and serotonin. As a result, the patients get relived from the symptoms caused by anxiety.

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Buspar’s works with the neurotransmitters inside the brain therefore bound to offer some side effects such as visionary problems, restlessness, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, insomnia, mild stomach upset and difficulty in concentrating. These are mostly mild and not persistent but there may be certain serious side effects such as fainting, abnormal breathing, irregular heartbeat, mood swings and abnormal thoughts. These side effects require immediate medical attention. Patients experiencing any of threes symptoms should be taken to the doctor as soon as it is possible in order to avoid further complications. Overdose of this medicine may cause moderate to severe allergic reactions.

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Medical guidance is strictly advised before taking Buspar. Besides, it is a prescription medicine hence won’t be purchased without prescription. If the patient possesses a history of bipolar disorders and Parkinson’s disease then it should be informed to the physician. It is recommended to read through the names of both active and inactive ingredients so that patients can be safe from the treat of allergic reaction. Patients with kidney and liver disorders should not take this drug. Buspar is not prescribed to children below 18 years. If the patient have taken any kind of MAO inhibitor in past 14 days then this drug should be strictly avoided. Alcohol consumption should be stopped. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should take this medication if it is prescribed by a qualified physician

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Difference between Brand Buspar and Generic Buspirone

Both the branded and generic formulations contain Buspirone as active ingredient. Needless to say, both the medications offer same result. The generic version is cheaper than the branded formulation and is also widely available across the globe.

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ABuspar is available in form of pills of 5mg and 10mg respectively. This medication is not recommended for long term purpose and mostly prescribed for 4 weeks.

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